Post-Olympic News

Actually, the news that is occupying me the most at the moment is Nicklas Backstrom, especially as someone who has made copious use of pseudoephedrine myself in the past to cope with my own terrible sinuses; I was even prescribed it back when that was allowed in the US, though I haven’t used it in a while now, if only because I stopped seeing any effects; I develop tolerances to medication way too easily.  Perhaps the minimum allowed level should be raised a little, if the medication can cause it?

At least for amusement we have Plushenko apparently broadcasting his next back surgery for his fans to watch.  I wonder how much of that is to head off any accusations from the press that he’s faking it, especially considering how mad they are at him right now.  The scary thing is, I’m pretty sure a lot of his fans will watch(I think I’ll be busy that day).

Sadder is the news that Kavaguti & Smirnov can’t even try for Worlds, but then, I don’t know if they would get named to the team anyway.  Bazarova & Larionov pretty much passed them last year, and now that Stolbova & Klimov have passed them, who is there left to bump?  That will continue to be a problem next year, if indeed K & S keep competing then, as they now say they will; they may have taken their last trip to the bigger stages already.

And speaking of sad pairs news, one wonders about Evgeni Krasnapolski, ending his short-lived Olympic partnership and putting himself up on IcePartnerSearch before the games even ended!  Combined with the way he dumped Danielle Montalbano last year and you get the image of a cad of a partner who any girl should think twice about skating with if she wants a partnership that she can rely on lasting.


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