Maybe I’m a little late talking about this

But something I’ve come to realize since the story broke that maybe Rowling had changed her mind about who Hermione should’ve ended up with(although when the quotes are put into context it turns out they aren’t quite as strong as first seemed): I’m a Harry/Hermione Friendshipper, maybe even more than a Ron/Hermione shipper.

I’m still the latter, certainly.  In fact, the idea that things still weren’t easy after the events of the book concluded, but they still had things to work through and growth as people to do, makes me care about it more than I would’ve otherwise; I’m more interested when it’s not easy.  But the days when their relationship was my main focus as a fan are long gone now.  These days when I reread the books or work on All The Extras, I find my favorite thing is the friendship between all three characters(as perhaps evidence by the final scene in part three of that fic, I suppose, with the platonic sharing of a bed).  I loved the dancing scene in Deathly Hallows specifically for that reason; I loved the idea that two people in love with others could still have that kind of bond.

So Rowling’s interview still makes me a little sad, that she doesn’t seem to see the particular value of that, although again, putting the quotes in context make them not as bad as they initially seemed out of it.  To me, Harry and Hermione didn’t waste any potential of their relationship with each other out of failing to be anything other than what it was.


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