A Long-Expected Snowstorm


This is the view outside my window right now.  The snow is only now really coming down in earnest here.  Yesterday I watched the buses get suspended while it was still 50 degrees out, and I knew I’d be home today before dinner last night.  At the time it still hadn’t dropped to freezing; in fact, it still hadn’t even when the Oscars were over; it wasn’t until the wee hours of the morning that the ice started.  Nowadays the winter storm experience starts very early.  Mom and I even went to buy orange juice and milk yesterday, along with my sister, who compared the crowded aisles to a jammed highway; the woman in front of us told her to turn our cart’s blinkers on.  At least we avoided having to park in the parking lot; the line went out into the street.


2 thoughts on “A Long-Expected Snowstorm

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