Head Still Reeling From Last Night

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is really hitting its stride now.  Last night’s episode especially delivered the goods, on top of a guest star from the movies, we had her and Melinda May doing women warrior bonding, what was a definite boon to the shippers amoung the viewers(myself included), Clark Gregg really getting to put the acting skills to use, and multiple cracks in the relationship between the team that you know Joss is going to make good use of later on-and just when I thought my mind couldn’t be any more blown, here came the stinger scene.  Yes, there should’ve been more explanation as to why they didn’t assemble an all-woman team when they chased Lorelei in Arizona, and I also wonder why Ward didn’t at least make an effort to keep Lorelei from touching him once it was clear she needed to, but at the end of the episode, I was happy to forgive all that.

The big question I saw asked on Twitter, of course, was if Lorelei could’ve taken control of a gay man, or a lesbian.  It’s actually my personal headcanon by the way that May is bisexual, but I suspect that even if she can, taking control of other women might not thrill Lorelei as much as taking control of big strong men, and the possibility might not necessarily occur to her all of the time.  For my own part, I was impressed with what they did with Ward and Fitz, perhaps creeping us out further because she really doesn’t change them the way Loki did his victims, and also leaving us in the awkward position of finding Fitz in his controlled state even more adorable than he usually is.

The one thing that bothers me is the thought that they might now make May a traitor, but I am reasonably confident she’s not turning turncoat just for the hell of it.  I suspect we will have it made clear she truly thinks she is doing the right thing, and she may even be convinced Coulson should let the whole matter go anyway for his own good.  As for who she’s calling, I’ve got a funny feeling it might be Maria Hill(who probably should’ve also been guest-starring this week, but anyway…).  The authority figures we’ve really seen enough of so far are her, Fury, and Melinda Hand, and I wouldn’t assume the last knows anything about why Coulson’s alive anyway; it’s not like she’d need to.  It might be Fury, but he might be a little too “off the grid” for that.  We might see his right-hand woman make another guest appearance first, and after this week of watching four great women each play their own part in the episode’s business, all I can think is I’d be all for that.


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