More sad news

And it seems the topic of the week remains Johnny Weir.  I didn’t know what to think earlier, but reading Access Hollywood’s preview, I can’t help but notice that when Johnny makes his allegations of how the bite happened, Voronov’s representative doesn’t actually deny them.  So far that’s the strongest indication we’ve had either way of who’s telling the truth(or at least the closest thing to it), otherwise it’s word against word and I’m not sure I trust either of them there.  So I believe Johnny.  For now.(I’m keeping my currently blog title though; I like it).

In more professional news, Denny & Coughlin may have gotten the spot for Worlds, but now they can’t use it anyway.  I suppose if they actually stay together through all their recent mishaps, it’ll show them to have qualities they haven’t had so far in their skating lives, him especially.  Their chances of placing high enough for their to be practical consequences were never very high, so the loss to Team USA is minimal.

And in memory of Mitch Leigh, it seems most of the more memorable skates to his music have been yoinked from YouTube by the IOC, but Pang & Tong had an exhibition version of it also worth watching:


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