Head Throbbing Intermittently

What I get for trying to watch an Asian ISU championship when the weather’s going crazy and setting my sinuses off even worse.  Trying to keep track of everything.  For the second year in a row, we’ve had a razor-close result in the men with the less clean guy winning off his PCS scores, though since Hanyu doesn’t inspire the kind of hate Chan does and his free program was the good one it hasn’t caused quite the uproar.  Ilinykh & Katsalapov have indeed gone back to making mistakes, though if they skate their free like they did at the Olympics they may win yet, and meanwhile he might be about to run off with Sinitsina?!  Have the feeling that if he does, fans will be much nicer to him about it than they were to John Coughlin…yet the ice dance leaders are not the French, but the Italians!  At least Weaver & Pojé are in 2nd.  I really hope they stay on the podium.  And both Jeremy and Max had their share of difficulties… but *now* they get the three spots back?!  Not that I’m complaining about that.  Or about Jeremy ending his career and Exogenesis so well.  Mao does indeed deliver.  In fact, my predictions are going pretty well; I got the pairs perfectly, for the men just switch silver and bronze medalists, and right now I could very well be right in the other disciplines too, though in the ice dance that’s less likely.  In other news, Michelle Kwan’s car is recovered with smashed windows(she too drives a Prius.  Seems everybody drives a Prius these days), more promotional materials for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but still no actual answers to the questions we all have now, and right now I can’t remember what else.  Need to go eat and sleep…

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