I was never more prescient

11 out of 12 medalists right, and 8 out of 12 placements right, nailed two of the podiums.  Seriously, I am quite smug about this, even though I decided one of the ones I got right by literally flipping a coin.  Conclusions besides that:

Ice dance is going to be a free for all for at least a few months next season.  Maybe then Ilinykh & Katsalapov or Sinitsina & Katsalapov or some other team will establish dominance, but this result, combined with the possible impending split, is positive anarchy.  Not that I’m complaining.  I now seriously hope for Weaver & Pojé to win Worlds(or at least some big competition or other) before they are through.

Not sure if anyone should’ve actually won the bronze in her place, but Carolina was overscored here.  Sorry, but she was.  She just should not have broken 200.  Meanwhile, Lipnitskaia may be looking like the next big lady, but wait until she’s a little older to form any conclusions.  Gracie & Ashley both showed themselves still capable of great things next quadrennium(the one in the short and the other in the free) and her fellow Russians may be even more of a threat.

All together a competition of hope rather than success for the US, between no medals but lots of berths for next year.  In ice dance, it looks like it may fall to Chock & Bates to break through to the top, but they’ve still got work to do there.  Never really though Max Aaron was the man to break through anyway; we’ll have to wait to see what Joshua Farris can do and if Jason Brown can top his assets off with the quad.

And while I was typing all this, Lynn Rutherford just tweeted that Steuer has confirmed Savchenko is teaming up with Bruno Massot!!  I think I must now end this post to sit about in shock for a few minutes.  I’m not sure I ever *really* believed this idea about her going on without Szolkowy, and that is one random partner.  How far can she really get with him, and what country are they going to represent(can she really get French citizenship by 2018?)?  Are they really going to last through this next season that they’re going to have to sit out….

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