Head Reeling Even More

So, more of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  At least we won’t have to wait multiple weeks for the rest of the season, but after last night’s cliffhanger even a week seems like an eternity.

Though perhaps the biggest question of the episode isn’t even whether Agent Hand is the Clairvoyant, or whether that would just be way too obvious.  I want to know more why Grant Ward pretty much against orders murdered what turned out to be a helpless disabled person.  Learning the reason for that may pretty much define his character going forward, whether he prove hero or villain.

The kindest explanation would be that it was what he initially made it sound like, a crime of passion brought on by the threat made to Skye.  But that it’s the kindest explanation makes me suspect they won’t go with it, not to mention acting on emotional impulse is not what Agent Ward is all about, even now, however many comments his SO makes about being on the plane changing him too much.  But there is one reason I wouldn’t rule it out entirely, namely, what happened to him last episode.  I imagine he’s probably repressing that on the surface and pretending it didn’t get to him while beneath, it probably has, and especially made him paranoid about someone he thinks has super mental powers, and that could have conceivably driven him to do this.  But it would be an interesting question as to whether the writers of this show could pull that kind of character arc off well.

It could, however, be a different kind of on-the-spot or premeditated decision of his, done less because of who the Clairvoyant was threatening in particular, and more because he simply decided on his own that he was too dangerous to be kept alive.  Which means, rogue issues aside, he murdered an innocent man out of mistaken identity, and makes his act not unlike far too many acts committed by the police in our day and age, especially against black men.  It becomes another illustration of how S.H.I.E.L.D. has gone too far, and needs to change its ways, which either way, I think the movie this weekend really needs to give more to than even the lipservice we’ve seen so far in the trailers.  It means Ward too has to change his ways.  But this explanation wouldn’t take him over the moral event horizon.  Nor, by the way, would it if he was acting on secret orders, but had still been led to believe he was shooting the Clairvoyant.

If, on the other hand, he was acting under orders and knew he was killing an innocent man…well.

Then you start also thinking that at the end there, when everyone else was accounted for as being in the cargo bay, Ward was not.  Did he manage to get up to the cockpit, and is he flying the plane?  He could become the adversary next week.

Which raises the question: how do his feelings for Skye fit in to this?  There would be no reason for him to talk about her around Lorelai unless those feelings were genuine, but then he still might be the villain.  Will that be his one vulnerability?  Will Skye be forced to kill him, and angst ever after?(unless Simmonds gives her consolation?)


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