Still thinking about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mainly, how’s the timeline going to work next week?  Right now, after all, we left our heroes(aside from Simmonds anyway) on the plane taking a specific flight, and our villains ready to act the moment it lands.  That’s a few hours away at most.  The stinger appeared to be events taking place early in the plot of The Winter Soldier, but I’d be amazed if the events of the movie can plausibly happen within that time.  Surely at least part of next week’s episode will have to be concurrent with the movie.  It’s pretty much been established something’s going to happen during TWS which will impact the entire organization; will we see the impact late in the episode, or the week after(giving fans more time to see the movie)?

Hey, maybe it’ll all make sense once you’ve seen the movie.  One way or another, I’m definitely going Saturday, if only out of a burning desire to learn at least part of what happens next.


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