You Know What We Really Need a Constitutional Amendment For?

Getting the money out of politics and overriding a Supreme Court apparently willing to sell our democracy to the highest bidder?  That’s all well and good, but its concepts may go over the head of the average American.  But you know what wouldn’t?

Outlawing all political video commercials.  On TV, before the contents on internet video streaming websites & newsites, before cinematic features, also anywhere else anyone can thing of.  Maybe with a little clause at the end of the amendment to also ban them on any other media platforms that get invented in the future, though I suppose we might need to Supreme Court to turn more decent before said platforms are invented.

Think about it.  In the months before elections these days, especially those of us who live in swing areas, we are bombarded with political commercials, and one that usually try to raise people’s fears.  Too many of those and trying to watch your favorite TV shows potentially becomes trauma-inducing.  Want to watch anything on YouTube?  Too bad, you have to sit through scare-making 15-30 second commercials first, and if it leaves you unable to enjoy your videos due to the distraction, tough.  Seriously, in 2012 it got to the point I tried to avoid TV shows where the target audience could vote(thank heavens for Star Wars: Clone Wars), and even muted the anti-Romney commercials I agreed with, because it was simply too much.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who hated it.

This is the kind of amendment that would get huge public support.  It could practically be posed as being in the interest of public health.  It would remove one of the Koch brothers’ biggest weapons.

Of course, Congress probably still wouldn’t pass it, so…


One thought on “You Know What We Really Need a Constitutional Amendment For?

  1. I agree, but it would need to be part of the constitutional amendment for these videos are like speech (literally) itself. What one used to be able to have was a limitation on how many and were on TV: well more than 15 years ago (or before Fox TV was founded) was the FCC said equal time was to be given to each party so that a Fox TV could not operate unless there was equal time given to say a liberal program. It had the effect of limiting the amount of commercials and fake news shows that existed. During one of the Republican administrations with a Republican in charge that was trashed. But this was before the Internet exploded and cable TV multiplied. Today it would be hard to do on the Net — you could use Net neutrality, but how would you enforce it?

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