And the Marvel Universe Goes Crazy

Did indeed see Captain America: The Winter Soldier Saturday, which, in the end, made the remaining three days until last night’s episode even more of an agonizing wait, since now I knew what was at stake, and was pretty sure there was a traitor amoung the main six characters we’ve bonded with these past few months, and that was going to hurt.  In the end, I cracked and read spoilers about all traitors hours before the episode aired, though while watching before the reveals I still found it hard to believe what I’d read.  That’s good TV making.

The producers may be claiming you don’t have to see the movie first(though being spoiled for it by the TV episode was pretty much unavoidable for the story they were telling), but they really are meant to be watched movie first, with “Turn, Turn, Turn,” being almost the B-side of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The movie is almost the official account, depicting what was done by and around the powerful/important people who’ll be mentioned in the history textbooks, although it did briefly touch on how this impacted the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on the ground, through the eyes of Sharon Carter.  But the TV episode is the almost more intriguing human story that centers on and really depicts of the experiences of the people on the ground who have no control over the big events that shatter their world into pieces, the people the viewers arguably identify with much more strongly(especially considering we’ve seen them every week instead of twice a year).

One of the relatively few bigger flaws of the movie was actually this, that we hear S.H.I.E.L.D.’s gone kaplooie, but when all we see is headquarters get destroyed it doesn’t feel real.  “Turn, Turn, Turn” takes care of that quite nicely, showing the chaos that descends when an organization turns in on itself and groups of good guys try to take each other out because they don’t know the other group are good guys too, when they don’t get the luxury of knowing Nick Fury actually faked his own death, and their leaders are too busy dealing with the biggest threats to do anything at all for them.  When someone they worked alongside every day now plots their downfall.  Though I wonder if Agent Ward’s experience will become the story of the Hydra agent on the ground, the man who now is supposed to be betray the people he’s been working alongside and probably genuinely has some feelings for.  Certainly I don’t think he’s going to be a straightforward villain from here on it, especially after that stinger.

Though it would be easier if he was just a double agent, if only because then there’s a chance Victoria Hand’s death was staged, and that was the one thing that really irked me about last night.  After all she did in this episode, the character deserved a better fate than just being killed off like that.

“Turn, Turn, Turn,” also gave everyone a chance to really show off their acting chops, much more than they have so far.  Clark Gregg gets best in show marks, even if Fitz is still the one you most want to hug.


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