Switch-Up Week Wasn’t Just on Dancing With the Stars

I admit I’ve been kind of distracted with the events of the Marvel Movieverse this week, but I did notice the Great Russian Partner Swap  People are lamenting the demise of Ilinykh/Katsalapov especially, but I can’t help but wonder if this’ll just make the Russian team stronger, especially if by isolating them I & K can both be broken of allegedly bad work ethic and/or their tendency to make stupid mistakes.  Then they both have the kind of lower-ranked partners that they are more likely to raise up to be brought down by.  Some goes for the pairs changes, at least assuming either the Estonian federation releases Zabijako or they ram the citizenship through quickly enough(though I think she and Larionov could easily lose out in Russia’s current deep field), and especially if Vasilisa Davankova can find a new partner somewhere(I hope she does, I really do).

Also, as I predicted back when they first gave notice of the change, a lot of skaters aren’t going to risk lyrics just yet.  We’ll still hear all our favorite warhouses next year, no doubt.  Though one wonders if it might filter in more through the next generation.


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