Another Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode, another set of questions

Although maybe a couple were answered in there, about Ward(but most of those were answered he interviews Dalton had given already), about the Fridge, about how the world was reacting to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s fall, stuff like that.

But first off we have to wait another episode for things to come to a head between Ward and the team, although meanwhile he’s now killed enough people it’s going to take a lot of work to have his story end with anything other than death or imprisonment, and the former might prove his only real shot at redemption.  The writers seem to agree, since Triplett is obviously being positioned to replace him in the cast next season, assuming there is one.  Also, does he have any real loyalty to Hydra, or is it strictly to Garrett? As yet he’s never even hailed Hydra, so I’d suspect the latter. Apparently Bill Paxton is not credited for episode 20, and I’ve seen speculation that’s because he’s going to die next week, so how would that change things?

That draws an interesting parallel to Skye, actually, whose primary loyalty is to Coulson, who, like Garrett did for Ward, scooped her up and gave her new purpose in life.  I actually like this story idea, of two people genuinely in love with each other(and I think this episode pretty much established he is too), torn apart by their loyalties to other people.  Whether the people involved in this show can pull it off well may be yet another question…

Speaking of potentially good stories I’m wary off the execution of, I really hope they don’t make this whole Fitz-Simmons-Triplett thing into a love triangle.  I hate those, especially when it would cheapen the whole Fitzsimmons bond.  I like better the idea of their possibly competing for Simmons’ affection without Fitz caring about her romantic attention, though.  She can have a lover and a BFF and have an interesting story learning to balance them both, writers.  Give her that chance.

Also, will Garrett managing to irk multiple henchmen off at least once this episode have any real results later, if Raina wasn’t in the Fridge where was she, and what story has Ward made up and does it cover Hand’s death as well?


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