Dancing With the Stars, Season 18, Week 6, Party Anthem Night

After the earlier announcement of party anthem night with Redfoo of LFMAO fame as guest judge, you would think the opening number would be to “Party Rock Anthem,” but actually no, it’s to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA,” allowing for the singers to actually make a pop song sound better for once.  Though Redfoo dances in to his anthem right after, and he actually comes out to sing(well, okay, obviously lip sync) and dance before the final two couples.  He has his own more colorful paddles and like Donny Osmond last week admits freely he doesn’t know the technical and is judging mostly by the performance.  Once again couples are called safe(or not) as the show goes along:

Nene Leakes & Tony Dovolani: Salsa to “Hot in Here” by Nelly.  The fluff focuses largely on their relationship improving after last week; he even buys her flowers to congratulate her making it past the halfway point.  It opens with her soloing solely with her hips out in the audience, and they dance their way to the floor with her stopping to lapdance her husband, at least as much as can be managed when they’re both standing.  Her hips are certainly something, and yes, Tony loses his shirt.  Also Bruno takes off a jacket, and Redfoo threatens to take off his.  He says to Nene, “You owned it,” and Carrie-Ann calls it her “most comfortable dance” yet.  But she still isn’t perfect technically, especially below the hips, so while Redfoo gives her a 9, the other three only give 8s, for a total of 33.

Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas: Cha Cha Cha to “I Love It” by Icona Pop.  Called “in jeopardy” right before they dance.  The fluff is largely about her accepting she has to at least “play the sexy girl,” for this number, and move her hips.  And when she gets the hips moving, it’s all good.  But tonight she’s inconsistent with it, sometimes being perfect with the hips and looking stunning, otherwise looking stiff and not with quite the movement of the dance.  Bruno and Redfoo both notice this and tell her she needs to realize how good she is, and she gets straight 8s for 32.

James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd: Quickstep to “You’re the One That I Want” in Grease.  He is pleased by this music choice, especially because he participated in this show in high school, but trying to learn the dance stresses him out, with him finding it a harder one to get the steps right for.  Tonight, on one hand, he does more or less get the steps out.  On the other, he doesn’t necessarily do them very well.  Though the judges vary in how much they criticize him technically; Len objects the loudest, making remarks about more tears on his pillow, and gives an 8 while the other three give 9s, making a total of 35.

There’s an interlude with a fluff piece about how the celebrities are dealing with the increase of stress and pressure and fatigue, and another Macy Stars of Dance number.  The latter is much more worth watching than the former, of course, with the lights being lowered and a stage being set up on which the pros can show how truly incredible they are, especially those that get a moment to be a focus of the routine.  Then the Chmerkovskiy brothers and their partners are marched out for results and once again the competition resumes with a couple declared “in jeopardy”:

Danica McKellar & Val Chmerkovskiy: Cha Cha Cha to “I Want to Dance With Somebody.”  In the fluff they talk about her being “womanly,” by the end of it as opposed to being “girly,” and she does have some confidence and maturity on the floor.  Their chemistry is good too, arguably the highlight of this dance; Redfoo even says she “put love in the club.”  Not that they aren’t great technically too, and when the routine Val choreographed was a very difficult one.  It’s already solidly the best routine so far tonight even before Len confirms that and the paddles do too: straight 9s for 36.

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Tango to “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris.  Here, on the other hand, is a couple that gets disappointed by straight 9s; they don’t understand why they didn’t get any 10s last week(you and the rest of the world, guys).  Poor Maks even has an emotional crisis over it, wondering if it’s his fault and he’s going to blow his big chance to win.  Meryl, who’s suffered worse from judges in the past, talks him down, and tonight they’re their usual brilliant selves, using lighting like the Stars of Dance number and actually managing to match it in the amount of electricity in the air.  The judges rave, Carrie-Ann also calls it Maks’ best choreography ever, and Tom predicts 11s, though of course the most they can really get is straight 10s, which is exactly what they do get.

Like last week, when the final three couples are lined up, Tom announces one of them is “in jeopardy,” which one to be revealed after they dance:

Drew Carey & Cheryl Burke: Tango to “Superfreak” by Rick James.  After last week’s scores, he’s convinced he’ll be going home tonight.  Cheryl refuses to think that but tells him to have fun with the rest of this anyway, and she casts him as a pimp and brings in switch-up partner Witney and dance trouper Lindsey Arnold for the purpose.  He does have a smile and proper personality during the routine, but sadly, his tango technique is awful even outside the multiple mistakes(the first thing out of his mouth afterwards is “I messed up”).  Len calls it right by giving him a 7, though since he doesn’t care about technique Redfoo gives it a 9.  The other two compromise with 8s, for a 32 total.

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess: Cha Cha Cha to “Everybody Dance Now” by C & C Music Factory.  After the results of the rumba, her primary concern is his hips, though the fluff also includes the details about the busy schedule of Marlie her and Maks’ fluff didn’t have room for.  Tonight the hips are working and so is everything else, including the glow in the dark stripes on their costumes when the lights cut out, except they seem to finish behind the music.  Len admits to not liking this last part, but everyone generally loved it and they give straight 9s for 36.

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough: Jive to “Shout” by the Isley Brothers.  She says she associates the song with dancing at a wedding, so Derek choreographs a number where he gets her to abandon a groom at the altar.  By the time they’re underway the poor groom is the only glum face left in the ballroom, and things are pretty great technically, with Carrie-Ann even calling her kicks and flicks the best she’s seen from anyone ever, though things do get iffy for a moment or so when he bends her over.  Len and Carrie-Ann take note of it and give them 9s; Redfoo and Bruno don’t and give them 10s; they total 38.

They receive their scores on the floor and then join the other two couples lined up, and Drew& Cheryl are, unsurprisingly the ones in jeopardy; the other two couples are safe.

Drew & Cheryl next line up with Candace & Mark and Danica & Val, and since it would be kind of ridiculous for Danica & Val to go home on a score of 39, they’re the next couple called safe.  So now we’re left with Drew & Cheryl, who probably got more votes, versus Candace & Mark, who definitely got more points, but were the second-lowest, not counting Cody & Witney.  So now, in an age when viewer votes have shown the ability to make some truly absurd saves, how much is seven points worth?

Thankfully enough.  Drew & Cheryl are gone, and without really overstaying their welcome either.  He does note he still got further than he thought he would, and the farewell video includes him tearing up again.

Next week is Latin week, which should be nice, and the team dances, which I always find a bit more iffy, though they often are fun to watch…


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