Did I say North America was being quieter so far?

So much for that idea….although maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly.  Honestly, Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch would be such a bizarre split we might want to wait for official confirmation on this one.  But where does all this craziness leave us when it comes to the top ten at the Olympics in pairs and dance?

1. Volosozhar & Trankov: Bailed out of Worlds, but still may be coming back…

2. Stolbova & Klimov: If they survive the summer, they might just be really set as heirs apparent.

3. Savchenko & Szolkowy: He was sensible enough to call it career, she was not.  Weirdness ensuing…

4. Pang & Tong: Both sensible enough to call it a career at long last.

5. Moore-Towers & Moscovitch: May be split, with her possibly skating with Joshua Reagan, who does not have a good record of keeping partners…not sure there’s even been any word on him, though at his age he might simply be retiring

6. Bazarova & Larionov: Split with both getting new partners.  Suspect she’ll do better with Andrei Deputat than he will with Natalja Zabijako, especially since the latter two will have to sit next season out.

7. Duhamel & Radford: If there’s no report next week of them splitting, they could benefit a good deal from the loss of so much competition.

8. Peng & Zhang: Apparently continuing on for the moment, but he’s getting old…

9. Castelli & Shnapir: Let’s see if they make it through the summer

10. James & Cipres: Same

Ice Dance:

1. Davis & White: Not commenting on their post-DWTS plans, but they were supposed to retire after last season, though they always could be like Yu-Na Kim, popping in and out for one last quadrennium

2. Virtue & Moir: Now saying they’re skipping the fall at least, which doesn’t bode well, though like D&W above, they could take the Kim route

3. Ilinykh & Katsalapov: Split and split up Victoria Sinitsina & Ruslan Zhiganshin to take the partners for themselves, which might or might not turn out well for them, though the Russian federation is objecting, which could be it’s own drama

4. Pechalat & Bourzat: Moving on

5. Bobrova & Soloviev: At this rate may be the only top Russian team to survive the summer

6. Cappellini & Lanotte: Should be continuing on, especially now that they’ve officially broken through to the top

7. Weaver & Pojé: Also should just be getting started, especially if V&M don’t come back, leaving them as Canadian #1s

8. Chock & Bates: Might just be the American #1s when the dust clears, but who knows if they’ll stay together in this crazy summer

9. Shibutanis: At least have the sibling thing to encourage them to last, not to mention the film partnership, though again who knows

10. Coomes & Buckland: Intending to continue at last report

Despite the ice dance causing more drama, we’re actually losing more top pairs, especially since we don’t know if we’re really losing the Big Two in ice dance just yet.  In fact, the back half of the ice dance field are so far wisely staying put for their takeover.  Unless word breaks that Cappellini & Lanotte are splitting up tomorrow, which the way things have been going, should not be thought of as impossible.


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