I suppose I should be excited this May the Fourth

And perhaps I’ll be when the trailers and such start getting released for Episode VII. But right now I’m still in the process of letting go of the Expanded Universe. I am glad that at least the TPTB are being as kind to us as possible with it, leaving the material there to the side as “might have happened” and even giving us a tribute video:

When I was young, my sister suggested I might like The Courtship of Princess Leia, and indeed I did, though it took me a little bit of time to fully appreciate the planet of Dathomir and the complicated society there. I’ve read through the Thrawn trilogy and a couple of the X-Wing books, a number of comics including Mara Jade ones(my biggest regret on hearing Disney’s decision here is we won’t get her in the movies) and also Darksaber, although the last was something I felt I should do, if I was writing the life of Yané and connecting her to General Madine(and while it certainly isn’t the best of the EU, I did like the character created out of him there). Also Tales from the Mos Eisley Catina, which of all the tie-ins to the original trilogy is probably my favorite; I like how much of the universe and how many worlds and details of a galactic society can be crowded into one bar on a backwater planet. I haven’t read any of the later book series and now probably never will, but I am in the process of reading Millenium Falcon, and enjoying the elderly Han and Leia and how it ties the events of the prequels and the original trilogy together. But I must admit, the tie-ins I’ve truly loved have been the ones connected to the prequels, the Star Wars: Republic comics which have introduced me to Quinlan Vos and those around him, and the Medstar duology, which in terms of quality may be the best Star Wars tie-in I’ve read.

I suspect I will never fully believe that Dathomir isn’t there with its witches, or that Wedge didn’t lead the Rogue Squadron to more and greater exploits after Luke went off to refound the Jedi Order, or that Barris Offee didn’t face her trials on Drongar(even if it seems she fell to the Dark Side later) and certainly you won’t convince me that Mara Jade didn’t exist somewhere, and as more than a dancer in Jabba’s Palace(perhaps she simply died or was killed before Episode VII happens). But if there are more tie-ins, I’ll probably buy at least some of them. Hopefully they’ll be good.


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