Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Post Season 1 Thoughts: Melinda May

Melinda May as a character’s been doing quite well for herself lately, what with her getting listed a a breakthrough new character on at least one list, while #Mayisms are all over Twitter.  Everyone loves a Joss Whedon action girl, after all, especially one who’s absurdly good at it.  But there is one question: what does the character do now?

We’ve already had her whole drama with Coulson, and from the end of the season finale, it looks like that’s resolved for the moment, unless he goes so mad she feels the need to take him out(and how would she get thwarted then, anyway?), or if they go the love story route.  For what she wants to do with herself for the rest of her life, she also seems pretty much settled into going around with Coulson and taking care if any adversary who needs to be battled, and she doesn’t seem likely to change her mind or switch sides; that drama also seems over.  Is she going to just be the supporting character now, who engages in fights, maybe takes over teaching Skye whatever Ward didn’t get around to teaching her, things like that?

For her own character development, perhaps her scars over Bahrain could still give her a story of her own for an episode or two.   Her having to wield the staff again might provide an excuse for her perhaps regressing a bit. Ideally, this would be a slow, natural character arc, where she can say at the end of the series she’s no longer quite haunted by the images in front of her eyes the way she described herself as being in “The Well.”  But I worry whether the writers won’t just drop that plotline entirely, in favor of plots that can get quicker gratification.

Or maybe we could just get an episode where her mother comes back.  That woman was intriguing enough that she definitely should have more than a couple of minutes screentime.  Maybe we could even get an explanation that way as to why Melinda May has a middle name that apparently alludes to a Marvel comics villain.  Though knowing how writers treat female characters, I suppose the more likely relation to show up would be the ex husband….


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