Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Post-Season 1 Thoughts: Antoine Triplett

Looking back, I suppose the writers must have planned everything with this addition to the main cast from the start, the same way they did with everyone else, that they knew when they first introduced him he’d eventually become a main character.  I wonder when the actor found out, though now I suppose he doesn’t know more than any of the rest of us what happens to him next.  As I noted in my Ward entry, there’s a chance he might be killed off if the latter is redeemed, but I really hope not.

For one thing, with all the diversity issues the Marvelverse continues to deal with(which the turning of Sitwell into a villain and the subsequent killing off of both him and Hand did not help with), it would be really good to keep the black dude around.  For another, he’s managed to develop quickly enough into an interesting guy, with his backstory and the emotional fallout of his S.O. turning out to be Hydra when he isn’t, although we haven’t seen him deal with that yet(I could see it as suppressed, and coming out next season).  So far he’s never been the center of an episode the way the other characters have gotten a chance to be, but after his time in the polygraph chair alone I want one.  I’m intrigued.  There’s also his friendships with Fitzsimmons, and the ambiguity of his feelings towards her, and how she’s going to cope with that especially now, when she knows how Fitz feels.

But ultimately, dude deserves to stay.  70 years in the future or so his grandkids should be talking about the legacy they feel from having a grandfather who was part of Coulson’s S.H.I.E.L.D.-restoring crew.  Let it happen, writers.  Please?


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