A few other scattered questions

If Roger Federer must enter that phase of his late career where he starts losing earlier and to players outside the top ten, why does it have to be to sexist assholes like Sergei Stakhovsky & Ernest Gulbis.  Especially when he’s supporting equal prize money even when the other top guys aren’t(yeah, he’s married to a former member of the ladies’ tour, but still…).  Although losing to Dmitri Tursonov in the last round wouldn’t have been very good from that perspective either.  Maybe there are simply too many assholes to be avoided, but that thought’s just sad.

Speaking of which, Djokovic is going to take Gulbis out, right?  He’d better.  At this point, I think I wouldn’t mind at all if he won the whole thing.  After the floods that hit the Balkans, it would make for a good story anyway.

Can we now assume Maria Sharapova has declined to lose and hand her the trophy, or should we wait another round?

Is anyone else vaguely creeped out by Katsalapov’s way of talking about Sinitsina?  Although it could just be the translation, and certainly they look good enough on the homevid I watched from the show they did together this week.

Happy as I am to here Lubov I is back, is she in position to be a partner worthy of Dylan Moscovitch at this point?  She’s going to need to be a hell of a lot better than she was by the time she split from Maisuradze.  Also, will the Federation release her now?  This fall will be three years since her last international medal, a senior B bronze.  But apparently they may be letting Riazanova go, so surely they must let her go too, right?

How bothered should I be reading about the Marvel Ant Men drama?  All I know about the movie is it’s supposed to explain where Hawkeye was during the events of TWS, which hopefully it can still do fine, but who knows.


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