Meme: Who is Your…?

One of the things I miss from my livejournal days is doing these, and I saw this one going around last evening, so I’m doing it.  Anyone who reads it and wants to do one of their own feel free?

Who is your Doctor?

Confession time: My actually watching of Doctor Who has actually been pretty limited, but I intend to change that this fall when the new season airs.  So it will probably end up being Peter Capaldi.

Who is your Doctor’s companion?

This too might remain to be seen, though right now it’s Rose, if only due to fandom osmosis.

Who is your Batman?

Christian Bale.  I haven’t seen the older movies and have only watch parts of an episode of what I think was the 90s TV series, but I’ve seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and I’m the sort of person that most appreciates Christopher Nolan’s version of the story best, I think.

Who is your Catwoman?

But since I never got around to seeing the third movie, I’m left thinking that I actually really liked the Catwoman I saw in the TV episode, which heavily featured her.

Who is your Sherlock Holmes?

Benedict Cumberbatch.  Nowadays even when I reread A Study in Scarlet the original character and Cumberbatch start to blur together in my head.  I really like how modernizing the story and discarding all the Victorian/Edwardian trappings the story’s traditionally been burdened with really gets the character down to his essentials.

Who is your James Bond?

Daniel Craig.  Most of my older James Bond exposure was on British Airways flights when I was 15 and my family flew back and forth to England three times.  I was unable to take the Connery or Moore movies seriously, and Pierce Brosnan I had no reaction to at all.  Craig’s the only one of them I can really engage with as a character.

Who is your captain of the Enterprise?

Jean-Luc Picard.  I grew up with my sister regularly watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and it is through that way I was first exposed to the Star Trek universe.  I warmed to Kirk later, though I deeply distrust what Orci’s been doing to him, but William Shatner will never beat Patrick Stewart; that is simply a fact of life.  Though my Starfleet starship captain is Kathryn Janeway anyway(and no, I’m not ashamed of that and never will be).

Who is your fictional female assassin?

Lori Summers’ Nora Briggs, who directly inspired one of the first three OCs I ever created.  Though Natasha Romanoff is swiftly catching up.

Who is your female Federal agent?

Dana Scully.  I started watching X-Files very late, at the beginning of the sixth season, as I believed it was, but for two years I tuned in faithfully, the way I haven’t since for any of the zillion shows that have probably over saturated this character type; the only remote challenge to Scully to me is Kate Beckett, and even she can’t quite match the character and story Scully had.


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