So Wimbledon starts tomorrow

Ready? It’s time!

Ready? It’s time!

And I’m probably going to miss most of it this year since ESPN only comes on half an hour before I have to go to work(suddenly the stopping of play on the Middle Sunday seems to be aristocratically insensitive!), but a few scattered thoughts anyway.

So now apparently Rafa’s thrown his back out, at least according to Chris Fowler?  And they still think he can win?!  Granted, one underestimates an injured/struggling Rafael Nadal at one’s peril, but really?  Though I’d be more shocked if Rosol is the one who defeats him again; I’d worry more about Karlovic, especially after his recently shown ability to break.

Looking at Roger’s draw, I can’t help but feel it’s all or nothing for him here, like he’ll either go out in the second round again or he’ll win the whole thing.  Which one he’ll do at this point is anyone’s guess…

Poor Maria Sharapova.  Dodges a Serena quarterfinal in one slam, and then promptly gets drawn into her quarter again!  And Serena ain’t gonna lose early for the second slam in a row when that slam’s Wimbledon.  I know we’ve had some shocking losses sometimes in history, but still, I can’t believe that one.

Bold prediction: Belinda Bencic will come out of Halep’s quarter.  Well, maybe Halep will take her down, but enough of that quarter feels like a free-for-all that I’m feeling a shock semi-finalist, and she’s just the one that feels like the one with the most potential for it.

Got the sinking feeling Maria Kirilenko’s going out in the first round again…Ovi will probably never make it to Wimbledon at all this year.


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