The Storm Season

At the bus stop yesterday morning.

At the bus stop yesterday morning.

It seems lately most days are hot all day, then with thunderstorms in the evening(and many of the ones that deviate from that pattern, like this morning, have the moisture around at different times).  Okay, it’s only been that way for a week or so, but it has the feeling of being a season anyway, at least that it’s going to continue for a bit longer.  It’s only early July, after all, and the heat is only going to get worse.  So far the worst storm was Wednesday night, when even when I caught the bus just walking to my home from the bus stop got me soaked, branches like the one above got knocked down, and my co-workers described much worse happening outside their windows.  On the other hand, we didn’t have any trouble with our internet Wednesday night, while Tuesday night cable and net both were out most of the time.  So far we haven’t lost our electricity, but if this continues, I fear that’s only a matter of time.


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