What I Have Determined About Video Editing Software

Most of it isn’t really suited for fanvidding: it’s built for doing editing and special effects for things of some length you filmed yourself, or for animation purposes.  Which is what I suppose most people would be using it for, but that doesn’t help me any.

I am not the only person who has gotten frustrated with Windows Movie Maker and started to search for something else, only to ultimately go back to using WMM because the affordable alternatives are all impossible to manage.  Nor am I the only person who has suffered from the software refusing to save my hard work into an uploadable video.

I have noticed that whenever I get a new computer, WMM works really well at first, then starts to degenerate.  So while I have been urged to upgrade to a new computer, that might only temporarily solve the problem.

Most fans seem to either suffer through trying to get WMM or iMovie to do what they want, or shell out hundreds of bucks for either Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas.  Middle ground is not non-existent, but it still doesn’t have that many options.

Meanwhile, paid software doesn’t solve all your problems.  I’ve recently read about how even the expensive ones often don’t like certain file formats, and I know from bitter experience even a program you pay for will sometimes refuse to save your project into a video.

This doesn’t even get into getting footage if I want to branch out from figure skating into movies/TV.  The options there seem to be buying the DVDs(which is good for the conscience, but you have to wait until they come out) and then diving into the possibly dodge world of DVD-ripping software, or diving into the possibly even dodgier world of bittorrents.  I still know relatively little of all that; I’ve been focused on trying to work out the editing software problem so far.

I think I will probably have to start paying money to continue my vidding activities.  But after my experience with said paid-for software refusing to save my project, I want to know something about what I’m paying for.

What I really need is advice from someone who both knows video software and understands the requirements of fanvidding.  I have the name and ability to contact one guy who might know the former, but I doubt he’d be of help on the latter.  I really know nothing of the fanvidding community; I’ve really only been watching their videos and not really paying attention to how they come about.

So far, my attempts to figure out how to get advice have not worked.


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