That was quick

Apparently Nate Bartholomay is now skating with Gretchen Donlan, one of the few ladies who went on the pairs market early in the summer still available.  At this point you want your partner chosen and the process of preparing for your first season together started, so it’s good he didn’t linger at the search.  The success of that partnership, unfortunately, is probably going to hinge on her jumping ability, which will perhaps always be suspect(and the tech controllers may automatically take a close look at her rotations for the rest of her career).

And meanwhile, it looks like the inevitably  might be happening: the French federation is being the French federation and refusing to release Massot, although to be fair, he and Popova did win a Senior B last season, so other federations might have held him to.  But the current French government is not going to give Aliona Savchenko citizenship, and it’s hard to believe the German federation would release her, even to get rid of Steuer.  And even if she’s willing to stick it out, well, the way he ran out on Popova for her doesn’t make it look like he won’t run out on her too, if they can’t be sure if they’ll ever be able to compete internationally.

Outside pairs news, can there be video somewhere of Francesca Chiera skating to “Luna”?  I really want to see that.


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