Watching Two Trailers

This one, at least, got me excited:

Evening without the singing, one can quickly identify the music of Sondheim in the background.

But seeing the 50 Shades of Grey trailer got me depressed.  There is so much well-written fanfic in the world, which I’ve found in fandoms from Lord of the Rings to Pokemon.  There are even some very good alternate realities I’ve run into, though they’re harder to pull off well.  Why was it this piece of drek that got made into a bestseller and now gets to have a movie adaptation made which has such a remarkably well-done trailer?  It’s tragic.  Well, that and that Cassandra Cla(i)re is such a success with her YA series, but that’s fandom’s own fault; even when she was exposed it proved too little too late, and she has essentially gotten away with plagiarism.

At least there’s still Noami Novik.  Hey, Mr. Jackson, when you’re done with this Hobbit craziness, could you look into that Temeraire  series you optioned a decade or so back?


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