I Am Groot!

Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun movie.  It was a well-done movie too; maybe a bit cliche on some of the aspects of the characters, but the actors mostly worked their way past that.  Also good at introducing us to the the outer space side of the Marvel movieverse, a place that seems great and vast but inhabited by beings not unlike us at base, and a society with turmoils not unlike our own(although at least we don’t have infinity gems to worry about).  And finally, it had Groot.  I must admit, I’ve never gotten the best impression of Vin Diesel in the past, but that was probably because he kept starring in a pair of franchises of the kind of movies I tend to hear too much about and not find appealing.  Which wasn’t really fair, because he really is a delightful man:

Things move quickly on the internet; already it seems, two people have uploading the stinger of baby Groot dancing to Michael Jackson, and both vidoes have also already been yoinked for copyright violation.  So we are left with someone who got around the the computer copyright scanners:

Not the most impressive work, admittedly, but given it was done only two days after the movie came out, that’s allowable. And the dancing name scores extra points too.


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