An Observation

Spent the morning watching a lot of young female Canadian skaters be mostly less than impressive at the Quebec Summer Championships; I went between the pre-Novice and non-International junior groups, and at times there didn’t seem to be much difference between them.  Except for when Selena Zhao pwned all the rest of them, begging the question of what was doing there and not in the International group, especially considering she already has a JGP assignment; it does not help that she would’ve won that group too, with a margin not much small than the huge one she won the non-International competition by.

But another thing I noticed is that of all the junior women through this entire event, although there might have been others I didn’t see, I watched only one whose programs involved vocals; she was skating to “O Mio Babbino Caro” and there was a segment where this was sung.  For the rest, it was not only mostly the same old music standards, but even instrumentals of songs like “You Raise Me Up,” where you would think they would give a vocal version a spin(though I did hear a new violin-and-harp Phantom of the Opera medley, which was actually pretty gorgeous too).  The junior men in the International competition did use more vocals in their free programs, though the non-International senior men’s shorts, which have just concluded, had none.

Given that a lot more skaters at the top are dabbling in vocals, I suspect this may be the result of many of the younger skaters not necessarily choosing their own music, and their coaches and choreographers who are making those choices are being extremely cautious, at least this year.  Though given how common vocals now are at the lower ice dance levels, perhaps it’ll simply be a matter of time


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