More observations

In Quebec and Vancouver both, the best thing has been the ice dance. Although a year after spearheading the admittedly inevitable march of Love Never Dies into figure skating, it’s arguably daring of Nicole Orford and Thomas Williams to open up a Titanic free dance with a version of “My Heart Will Go On,” even if it’s a pretty piano one.  Although the opening of their free dance was when they were best, before they started to show fatigue, and if they can get their stamina up, the program will still be a treat to watch.

Speaking of Phantom of the Opera, also was able to watch Vancouver’s men’s free, and good to see Ronald Lam doing fairly well after what happened to him last year.  Did not see the other senior singles events at Vancouver, but if the scoring protocols are any indication, it doesn’t look like I missed much.  With more bad than good at Quebec last week too(though Balde was awesome), seriously hope for better in the singles at Thornhill.  It’ll be interesting to see whether Suguri shows anyway, though I’m afraid we can’t expect much from her.  A pity there’ll be less couples skating, though the two senior ice dance couples in Ontario should both be very much worth watching.

Canadian skaters continue to eschew their new vocals options.  Though while I haven’t watched much pattern dancing, I have noticed the lack of individual music choices, so I’m starting to wonder if the Canadian rules are different.


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