The Figure Skating Season is Definitely Underway Now

Whose bright idea was it to have a competition in Utah and one in Japan on the same weekend?  The timing it terrible; there isn’t even a pause to take a proper nap in between when things in Salt Lake conclude for one day and things start in Nagoya for the next!  I’ve ended up missing a good deal simply due to nodding off or dozing longer than I intended.  Nonetheless, some observations on the season in general so far:

We though the overflow of young Russian skaters cause by pre-Sochi buildup was scary before, but the irony is, most of the results probably weren’t ready in time for the Olympics themselves; the kind of work they did has much more long-term results, and now we may be really seeing them.  Especially in the ladies, where looking at the rosters for the last three events?  My money would be Alexandra Proklova & Maria Sotskova splitting those up, though Leah Keiser may be the most likely spoiler of that(that the U.S. has only one spot per event makes this much easier for them, but I’m not sure who we’d have to send even if we had more).

So far, the vocal-inspired programs I’ve liked the most have been Elladj Balde’s Michael Jackson and Max Aaron’s Footloose(though I accidentally slept through his Gladiator).  Vocals suit the showmen(which Max seems to be smart enough to be turning himself into), especially the ones whose prior instrumental music wasn’t all that different from it.

We might have thought her a fluke at Nationals last year, but sorry everybody, Polina Edmunds is the real deal, and she’s rapidly retroactively validating her being sent to Sochi.  Meanwhile, Mirai seems to at least be looking for something new, which she needs, since she’s not going to go back to what she was when she was 15 and trying to leaves her as an echo of her former self, but she’s got a long journey ahead of her if she wants to return to the top.


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