Michael Weiss Foundation: 10th Annual Ice Champions Live

Missed last year’s show, so it was our first time in the new venue.  They seem to still be adjusting to it; the process of getting everyone in and seated was a mess.  Generally it seemed a similar place to the last venue.

The show, on the other hand, may well have been better than it’s ever been this year.  Weiss got a lot of good skaters, and they all really seemed to give their best, until it’s hard to pick standouts, but sticking in my memory particularly strongly right now:

Brendan Kerry doing a ninja skit where he got Richard Dornbush to portray a rival ninja, who fought with him over a bag of MacDonalds.  Dornbush himself also, doing his toreador number with the small bull doll.

Sinead and John Kerr also doing double duty, appearing in first a number from the Ice Theater of New York with two other skaters(possibly his wife Nadine Ahmed and Jeremy Barrett; I didn’t catch their names for sure though) to do a poetic quartet, then to hypotize by themselves to “Mad World.”

Dan Hollander skating to a piece that seemed completely made up of construction sounds, and to say he was moving with the music doesn’t do it justice; he really felt every sound the piece included with the choreography.

The Next Ice Age, who oddly enough weren’t in the program, being even more lyrical in a number where they took the concept of “ballet on ice” to a whole new level.

Isabella Tobias & Ilia Tkachenko being very sturm und drang, although they still aren’t naming a country that they’ll skate for.

Mirai Nagasu, apparently coming in from Salt Lake on the red-eye, skating her “Demons” program with all she has.  Would that her competitive programs were still this engaging.

Brian Boitano still being the boss even as his elements become more limited; as long as he can still do the spreadeagle he’s fine anyway, and the feeling with which he skates remains undiminished.

Ashley Wagner giving us a taste of her “Moulin Rouge” long, where she has found a character to embody and the vocals to enhance it, and it’s almost scarily intense, but this is a powerful program and perfect for her.  She does it right and she might take a few competitions by storm.

Although Weiss himself was unable to skate a number due to back issues, having four fellow backflippers in the cast gave them a chance to set a world record of people doing backflips on ice simultaneously.  Many of us who had our phones recording he, Kerry, Dornbush, Hollander, and Ryan Bradley doing two sets of them:


3 thoughts on “Michael Weiss Foundation: 10th Annual Ice Champions Live

  1. Mirai Nagasu just let go and showed what one be when such a trained athletic dancer lets her spirit and body take her. I liked the elegance and grace of Isadora Williams and Alissa Czisny too. Michael Weiss the great spirit. Abiding geni.

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