Dancing With the Stars, Season 19, Week 2, Results Show

Our second results show of the season starts with a brief recap and a brief opening number involving mirrors.  Then they get to the matter of the encore dance right away this time-only for the judges to declare they can’t decide between Janel & Val and Lea & Artem, and we viewers are invited to vote for it on Twitter.

So first we get a trio marched out: Randy & Karina, Betsey & Tony, and Lea & Artem.  During the recap Betsey talked about how she actually did have a wardrobe malfunction happen yesterday, but it happened during the dress rehearsal, so that worked out fine.  No trauma for Lea this week; she and Artem are the first couple called safe tonight.  Randy & Karina are called safe too after a pause, leaving Betsey and Tony to stand there and stand there and stand there…and then also be called safe!

So noone in jeopardy yet, and we get our first artists of the night, Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz, singing “Am I Wrong.” They are accompanied by Karina, Peta, & Val, although after initially appearing the song’s beginning, we have to wait far too long until they actually come in to dance.  Then we get a montage: A Dancing With the Stars alphabet, from Argentine Tango to Zany, although it pushes things advertising the show’s Genuine Human Interaction and its Peace and Quiet.

Erin interviews the three celebrity men in the next trio, Tommy, who steals the interview, Jonathan, and Michael.  Tommy steals the recaps too; we learn the opening up of his shirt was not planned, and he tells Micheal after his dance he’ll “get ‘em  next time,” and then he and Peta are the first called safe.  But we don’t know if there’ll be a next time for Michael & Emma; they’re in jeopardy, while Jonathan & Allison are called safe, to their clear relief.

Finally comes the encore dance, and it turns out to be Janel & Val’s foxtrot.  They change it up a bit, not wearing the masks, and at the point in the dance where they removed them originally, he pecks her on the lips instead.  Very sweet.

Next trio is described as the young contestants: Bethany & Derek, Janel & Val, and Sadie & Mark.  The recaps include Derek telling Bethany afterwards how hard the bass cello balancing act actually is after she’d safely done it, and Mark trying to comfort a distressed Sadie after their scores and calling her a “tough duckling.”  But she’s got more reason to be distressed; it’s hard to believe anyone from this group is going home, but while the other two are safe, she and Mark with their scores a bit lower are in jeopardy.

Next artist up in Sia, performing her new song, “Chandelier.”  And she shows herself to be an awesome person, because she deliberately performs her song with her back to the audience, and basically insists that the camera on the entire time show dancing.  Allison Holker teams up with Dance Moms veteran Maddie Ziegler to do a strikingly primitive dance where you’re left guessing at the story throughout and after.

Then we finally get more news about Len.  He talks of the hard schedule of doing both this and Strictly Come Dancing wearing on him as he gets older, and he’s taking “a couple of weeks” off.  Guest judge next week is actor/comedian Kevin Hart.  For more previews of next week, we get some movie trailer parodies, including a parody of Back to the Future where Artem and Lea go back to the 50s so they’ll have more practice time.

Also, we’re getting another audition video.  Tom and Erin make clear before the commercial break that they want us to vote for Tony’s video, but instead the Twitter vote goes for Mark.  So he comes out to watch his video, where younger Mark describes himself a rebel, which cracks present-day Mark up.

Out last performance of the night is one that’s been hyped early on, like everything involving Julianne is on this show.  Out she comes with all the male pros to dance with them to OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out.”  The dancing’s good, of course, but honestly, once she loses her skirt she ends up being scantily clad to the point that all I can think is she looks ridiculous.

They still have to do: Alfonso & Witney, Antonio & Cheryl, and Tavis & Sharna.  The recap includes Antonio being adorable with his son.  Alfonso & Witney are quickly called safe, Tavis & Sharna are declared in jeopardy, and Cheryl & Antonio are given a moment to be anxious before they’re declared safe too; we’ll only have three couples standing at the end.  Good thing too; time is running short.

After the last commercial break, Michael & Emma, Sadie & Mark, and Tavis & Sharna are lined up, and since noone can really believe her show’s fanbase would let a still well-scored Sadie down this early, she and Mark are the next ones called safe.  No announcement of a bottom two this week, just two couples left with four points between them, and it’s hard to tell how many votes either couple is getting, really, but Michael is probably getting as least some more than Tavis.  But enough to make up four points?

Looks like; Tavis & Sharna are out!  Earlier than they should be, though obviously not being able to devote himself to practice full time this week helped kill him.  But he barely gets a chance to talk even about that to Tom, because their air time is almost up; there’s only time left for him and Sharna to take a bow and for people to start hugging him.

Movie week next week.  Will Lea actually do a Back to the Future-themed dance, one wonders?

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