Sorry, but I’m angry

It’s been nearly two weeks since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned.  It’s been good TV, I won’t deny that.  The twists have been heartbreaking in the right way, the new characters are off to a good start, the old characters have been getting development.  And yet I’m still mad.  We were baited and switched, and I am not finding that easy to forgive. And that’s not the only thing causing me disquiet.

I suppose those that will defend the killing off of Lucy Lawless’ character as one of those twists, or as a reminder that anyone can die, or an indication of how dangerous the world our heroes live in now is.  Which would be all well and good, but there are certain circumstances under which you shouldn’t do that with a character in her first episode, and Isabelle Hartly was that character for a combination of two reasons.  First off, you spent months hyping her.  And with good reason; there was even talk of how proper it was to have Lawless in the Marvelverse.  To lose her for this cheap shock makes all your hype dishonest, and I find it hard to swallow the idea that we should just accept it in the name of making the show edgier.

The second reason is one I actually only found out after she was killed off.  Before then, I was actually under the impression she was a character unique to the movieverse.  But I have since found out that no, she actually showed up briefly in the comics to dump Victoria Hand.  In other words, she is the second LGBT character this show has killed off when her story definitely could’ve continued and been good, which is a bad track record.  Although perhaps I could’ve been less mad about that had they at least acknowledged what she was.  A photo of her and Victoria together when Skye and Lance were going through her things would’ve done it, for both characters.  But no, instead all we get is her being the object of romantic desire for the white dude, which is just insulting.

Speaking of which, is does not help my anger to speculate as to why when said white dude is now a member of the main cast, the two black dudes on the show still aren’t, and the fact that Mac and Triplett both have made themselves so likeable and Triplett especially has been such fun these last two episodes, quite frankly, makes me kind of terrified about what’s going to happen to them.  If they want to kill another character off mid-season, Mac looks like too likely a candidate, especially if Simmons gets through her current arc intact.

And speaking of Simmons, I am starting to suspect we’re going to learn Tuesday she was Hydra all along.  Which is a problem, because it just isn’t plausible.  It was one thing with Ward; he betrayed them as soon as the signal was clear, and the only secret base he knew the location of was found out by the army before he had time to betray its location.  Do they really expect us to believe that we could have a Hydra agent in the Playground without the place getting raided?  That she could spend ages with our heroes while Hydra is openly on the move, and apparently never do anything to impede them?  Now if she got recruited after leaving the Playground, or was infiltrating hoping to find something to fix Fitz, that would be another thing, but the writers of this show like to go for the jugular, and that would be Hydra all along.

Also, that starts to really shrink our supply our female characters.  That means I have to be unhappy about Bobbi Morse being Hydra, even though normally I’d like that twist.

In conclusion: They should not have killed Lucy Lawless off.  It exposed all their issues, now accumulating, to the point that it is interfering with one’s ability to enjoy this damn show.  And I don’t know how much they could fix it even by bringing her back as a clone or something.


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