Pre-Grand Prix Thoughts

NGL, I’m a little alarmed at the weak showing of the U.S. on the JGP lately(whodua thunk our sole entry into the Finale would be a pairs team?!), and what that may bode for the future.  It seems so far everybody except Meryl and Charlie are staying in, so it might not be a problem in the near future, but sooner or later that catches up with you.  On the other hand, it might be a relief for those already vying for all the top spots and looking at 2018, since they already know who most of their foes will be for the quadrennium(although it’s still too early to assume noone will come up).

Looking at the current rosters for Skate America next week, Kavaguti & Smirnov really lucked out; neither of the top two teams initially assigned will be there, and they’ll be strong favorites.  On the other hand, there are signs that the USFSA’s gamble which with Russians they took to square off against Gold might fail; Liza T is looking like she is recovering fast, and Gold will have to be on the top of her game to beat Radionova too, though I still think this is her event to lose.

Meanwhile, thanks to V&T’s pulling out of that one, China’s could be a great boon for either Peng & Zhang or Bazarova & Deputat, if the latter can pull themselves together after their rough start on the Challenger circuit.

Glad to see Lubov I is finally free.  Though will she and Moscovitch be able to manage anything more this season than a couple of later Challenger appearances?

It may be difficult to manage, but I hope they keep the splitting of the judge’s tasks they had at Nebelhorn.  It seemed to really work; I honestly thought the scoring was better for it.  After some of the dubious placements that have happened at a high-profile event or two, some change might be a very good idea.

What a period of viewing it’s been too, with live streaming for both the JGP and it seems most of the Challenger events too!  Although it does make being a skating fan a much more time-consuming prospect than of old.


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