More loose thoughts

After some early morning-watching of some less than impressive skating(except by Miyabi Oba) at the Cup of Nice, though at least the senior pairs winners fell on their butts in perfect unison:

Still dwelling on the possibility of Melinda May at least temporarily becoming the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I remember when Coulson was made director there were complaints that after being led by a woman and a black man, suddenly the organization was headed by a white dude again.  That would certainly go a ways in making up for that, to give a female minority character a crack at it, possibly even becoming acting series primary protagonist if Coulson stays in stasis long enough.  Especially since while the kung fu Asian action girl has become a bit of a cliche in Western media these days, but I don’t think they get that kind of promotion that often.

On the other hand, kind of disappointed they didn’t try to rescue Agent 33 before fleeing the hotel.  We can’t be sure if they actually even had time to pull the mask off and identify here, but given how she spoke to May about previously being S.H.I.E.L.D., May ought to be smart enough to at least realize the possibility of her being brainwashed.  They could’ve put her in the cell next to Ward’s and tried to figure out how to reverse the brainwashing(that ability that would be a powerful tool, if they could figure it out).  But then again, while we don’t see exactly how they escaped, it’s plausible enough they really couldn’t even risk trying to carry her.  Although even so, we should see Coulson express some regret over that.

Or perhaps that’s going to be Bobbi Morse’s fate.  From what I’ve seen and heard of her in the comics, her being brainwashed here is very plausible indeed, especially when the Koenigs at ComicCon described her as being an ally.



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