Writing loose thoughts while watching NBC’s Recap

Beforehand, I’m definitely left wondering who ought to get the responsibility of stopping the athlete when someone really needs to stop them from going on the ice.  It was certainly super-irresponsible of Brian Orser to let Hanyu make the decision to skate, but maybe he wouldn’t have had there been rules in place to make that decision his responsibility, or perhaps the Japanese team officials would’ve had it been their responsibility.

Smart of them to show Julia L’s short.  They’ll have to show a lot of bad skating in this broadcast; getting some good skating in this way helps alleviate the pain of these two upcoming hours.  Though Polina they would obviously have shown anyway.

Surprisingly how quickly I start to miss Johnny and Tara, even though I actually have more respect for Tracy Wilson as a commentator than I do for them.  On the other hand, I don’t think many people watch NBC for the intelligence of the commentary.

The thing about mentioning Lu Chen when talking about Zijun Li is, right now, I can’t see those two names as belonging in the same sentence.  Perhaps they might someday, but right now, the latter’s got a helluva long way to go.  Also, this program dragged on too long; she would’ve done better skating to Moon River for her short.

Kanako’s skate seems much better on the second watch than it was on the first.  The music cut, on the other hand, stands out as all the more horrendous.  And really, all skaters using the vocal version of Phantom of the Opera need to learn to use the Broadway cast recording; when isolated from his full performance, Gerard Butler’s voice becomes near untenable.

In contrast, I find myself thinking better of Julia L’s choreography and music cut than I did yesterday morning.  Though perhaps we can only really know how well it will serve her whenever she gets a decent skate out of it.

Given how they even give the “challenging move” to Polina, I’m really surprised there’s no quick interview with her.  Wonder why that is.

And while she’s mentioned by Terry, the news is breaking via Russian media Adelina S is out of Japan too.  Still, we knew that might be the case, so it doesn’t change the current situation much.  She may still be well enough for Russian Nationals.  One wonders about the dilemma the Russian federation might just face though, if she doesn’t make that, and Elena R, Liza T, & Julia L kill it well enough.

Ran to start dinner and missed NBC’s coverage of the crash, but will say the more I watch Nguyen, the more I really want him to take over as top Canadian guy.  Better him than Reynolds, certainly, especially if any of this Chanadian politicks everyone has been ranting about the past four years lingers.  I’m a real sucker for a good improvised 3a-3t too.

Honestly surprised they’re showing Bychenko; he’s the kind of skater they often chack unless he has a much better skate than this.  Kind of wish they had chacked him and shown Misha Ge instead, but I suppose that would’ve been asking for too much imagination from these people.

By far the most enjoyable three and a half minutes of Cup of China this year was the first three and a half minutes of Richard Dornbush’s free program.  If he only hadn’t fallen.

You can even see moments in his skating where Yan was telling himself, “okay, now it’s time to do this element.”  He really was not up to that.  Wilson at least had the sense to saying skipping the flip to avoid further risk of injury was a good idea, but you wonder why she didn’t raise the possibility maybe the entire program should’ve been skipped for the same reason.

You actually don’t get that same hesitation from Hanyu; he was pretty full on in the adrenaline and “If I fall, I fall.”  I wished they were addressing the issue of him still getting the high scores during the program, though, with that tech box continually going up.  Though at least Tracy did talk about it after.

No interview with Dornbush either.  Maybe they didn’t have the setup here.  Disappointed; would’ve liked to hear from him.  Medical updates on Yan & Hanyu wouldn’t have gone amiss either(as ESPN did on at least one occasion).  But then, what can you expect from NBC?


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