Dancing With the stars, Season 19, Week 11, Finals, Night 2

Night 2 of the Finale, with a set of three final dances coming up.  As if now usual, there’s an hour recap show before the show proper begins.  And then, following an opening number where the previously eliminated couples start coming in there’s a lot more filler, including:

Nick Jonas performing hit song, “Jealous,” in a round and occasionally stepping out to sing directly to some of the fans gathered around.  Is he perhaps jealous of Artem & Lindsey Arnold being so much more interesting to watch than him?

Once again the encore dance gets done by the couple that was eliminated last night, that being Bethany & Derek this time.

Some recapping, and also some comments by the star, from their general experience with the show to advice to stars doing the show in the future(Except Tommy refuses to give any, to “make for better television”).

Returning couples redoing shortened versions of various dances, with various changes, most notably Betsey & Tony’s revisited week one cha cha involved her taking that boa and throwing it!  And Tommy & Peta also redo their week one dance, with Len joining Tommy & Cheech in the car!

The four finalists doing a Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody, that ends with the four of them playing tug-of-war over the trophy.

Jennifer Hudson & Gorgon City doing new single, “Go All Night,” and honestly underusing Peta, Keo, Sharna, and Jaymz Tuaileva bigtime.

When Lea & Artem return to the dance floor, she dons the tiger print she wore right before being eliminated, but does a new dance, allowing her to gleefully playing the cougar with four hunky pros.

We also get to see a reprise of a pro’s dance, and week one reprises seem to be in fashion tonight: it’s the number done by the female pros in the front of the lights on the first results show.  Also: Allison, Keo, & Artem do a tiny little bit of dancing to “Come and Get It” again, and if they don’t have their accompanying dancing, they do get a motorcycle this time.

A montage with various stars and pros saying what they’re thankful for and wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving.

Emma, Tony, Sharna, Keo, Peeta, & Artem doing an enchanting holiday waltz in the round with snow falling.  This may prove the highlight of the night.

Bruno getting wished a happy birthday, and being presented with a mirror ball birthday cake!

Bethany & Derek, redoing their Halloween paso doble, get to do the full dance, although she doesn’t redon the Bride of Frankenstein getup, since it’s not like the dance really needed it anyway.

Meghan Trainer performing her pair of hits, surrounded by both the show’s pros and her own dancers, as well as brightly colored doors and very large balloons.

And then, after a final montage of the final three sizing each other up and doing trash talk, we finally get the fusion dances they’ve spent the last 24 hours preparing after getting the two rhythms they have to combine after last night’s show:

Sadie Robertson & Mark Ballas: Samba/Quickstep; “Nitty Gritty” Kimberly Cole.  During the fluff Mark is sure to point out she’s the only one left who never danced before the show.  The routine is well-choreographed, full of content and switching between the two styles as worked with the music, but personally, I definitely thought it was a little jittery.  But very oddly, while the judges praised them more in general than for tonight, and Len even says it wasn’t perfect, for some reason they still break out straight Tens!  Total up to 118.  Confused now, and a little worried; these two have the advantage int the votes as it is…

Janel Parrish & Val Chmerkovskiy: Foxtrot/Paso Doble; “Hideaway” Kiesza.  Again the fluff is about their bond, and Val talks about looking forward to getting to know her “outside these crazy circumstances.”  The dance seems to have a bit more paso than foxtrot in it, but the paso is too good for you to really care; sharp and strong and by the time they’ve finishing knocking the floor down you really wish the judges had left room for Janel & Val to make up ground with this dance, because it was a hell of a lot better than Sadie & Mark’s.  But it’s too late; all they can do now is rave, with Julianne even saying she wanted it to keep going, and then keep breaking those Tens out, getting Janel & Val up to 117, at least.

Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney Carson: Cha Cha Cha/Argentine Tango; “Shut Up a Dance” Walk the Moon.  The fluff has them looking at the pictures of themselves up in the studio, and Alfonso talking up how he wanted to be on this show for ten years and has had a long wait.  Then when it comes to dancing, it’s save the best for last.  This routine does the best job of blending two disparate styles and making them look like they belong together, and it suits Alfonso too, allowing him to trip is in a truly fantastic manner.  Although there are moments where you feel it should go wrong, with Carrie-Ann noted they were operating on the edge of disaster, but it didn’t; it just kept going wonderfully right, and just energized the ballroom further.  There is only one reaction the judges can have to this: more straight Tens, and Alfonso & Witney finish the final with a perfect 120.

The three couples line up, a screen shows each of the stars giving a message to their pro, and then the third place couple is announced: Janel & Val.  Not really surprising, since they had both the lowest score and I suspect the least amount of votes, since Sadie came in with more and Alfonso is the type of star that’s probably getting more by now.  She tells Tom that Val is her trophy anyway(it was specifically stated during the pre-show these two are not a couple, though).

So that leaves Alfonso & Witney and Sadie & Mark.  Alfonso & Witney do have a two point advantage still going for them, and even when the other name is better known, that can sometimes being the difference between winning and losing.  And, as I said, Alfonso is the sort of star that will get newly devoted fans voting for him as the show goes on.  The only question is: did he get enough?

“The long wait is over!” says Tom: Alfonso & Witney have won!  The two of them just hug instead of going crazy, but you can see how much it means to them when we see Alfonso is crying tears of happiness, and Witney looks to be in a similar state.  Sadie is very gracious and proper, saying she’s glad for all she’s done, expressing gratitude to God for it, and saying Alfonso deserved it.  Alfonso manages to stay on the floor long enough to get and lift the trophy before getting lifted himself, Witney joining him after, and we leave the two of them being congratulated and covered in confetti.

Next season will be the tenth anniversary of the show’s first going on air, and they’ve hinted tonight that there may be something special to commemorate the occasion.  Let’s just hope the competition proves to be as good as this one was, though.


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