Trying to be thankful

Not exactly the easiest thing to do this week, or this year.  Especially when my father is still dead.  Yeah, been a year, but  it’s still going to take me a long while yet to get over that one.  I suppose I should be thankful that right now, none of the shit going down in the world is actually affecting me, but that just means it’s affecting someone else instead.

On the other hand, reading this story made me proud to be a librarian.

And if anyone needs a laugh(hell, don’t we all right now?), here’s one, courtesy our cousins across the pond(though I do like the comment concerning our ability to label to label any UK counties).  Liked this one too.  Must always be thankful to Tim.


One thought on “Trying to be thankful

  1. If Dad hadn’t died this year, we’d be remembering how you got a full time job as a librarian. Yes the one bright spot in Fergusson is its library and they aren’t downsizing it ….

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