A Tribute to Eric Radford

I’m kind of amazed.  Not that Eric Radford is gay, really; I think most at least suspected he might be.  But coming out now, when there’s a very real chance he and Meagan can break right through to the top?  Even when Rudy Galindo came out, he was at a point where he didn’t have much left to lose.  And yet, it actually doesn’t seem like it should stop him from winning anymore.  A few years ago, maybe, but not in 2014.  The world has changed, and today we got a reminder of that.

I’ve always been a fan of Eric’s, from the time he was trying to break through with partners that couldn’t match him. Even then he was an artist, as well as a patron of the Vitamin String Quartet:

But then he paired up with Meagan Duhamel, and from the start, you knew these were two pairs skaters good enough to be something:

Especially when in Moscow, he became the reminder that pairs skaters are the bravest, toughest, and most bad-ass athletes in the world. Let none ever dare say otherwise about Eric Radford, unless they can skate two and a half minutes with a broken nose!

But I think I only really fell in love with Duhamel & Radford when I saw their free program in 2012, to Vitamin String Quartet sections which he was the one to find for them, with which they deserving rose to the top of Canada:

And the next season it was joy, with their first World medal.

But perhaps we only learned how truly talented a man Eric Radford was when we heard his composition during the Olympic season, a tribute to the man, also gay, who mentored him; a perfect program with which they did their part for Canada’s team silver in Sochi(even in YouTube doesn’t have that performance available, since the IOC are copyright goons):

And now? Who knows. I hold out hope we will see these two win the World title at some point. True, there are some tough Russian & Chinese teams to beat. But I think it can happen. And right now, he and Meagan, embracing the new rule change, are ending their long program with the right message:

An openly gay pairs skater skating to lyrics and having a serious chance to win it all. The world has changed in more than one way.


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