Almost halfway through

And now I am again feeling about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. how I did after the second episode.  Impressed as I am with what they’ve done this season, not only it is looking like something I’ve been dreading all season has happened, but the way they did it really crossed the line.

Granted, we can’t be sure Mack’s really getting killed off yet.  Henry Simmons is in the cast list for next week’s episode, so we haven’t seen the last of him, which makes you think the end of this week’s episode might have been a set up where the plot will be complicated by the need to rescue him.  But meanwhile, they had he turning into that stereotype of the crazy violent big black man, which frankly after last week is not only offensive, but downright irresponsible.  I suppose to re-edit the episode would’ve required a scheduling delay, but they probably could’ve done it if they really wanted to.  They could’ve even had more time; the Ferguson grand jury decision was already being anticipated as imminent before it was officially scheduled, and surely someone should’ve realized it would come out before this week’s episode aired.  Now they’ve got that on their records even if they don’t kill Mack.

Although another reason they might not be killing Mack off may be whatever’s going on between him and Bobbi.  Either way, of course, that’s obviously going to lead to a hell of a lot more drama between her and Lance.  We really cannot have a pairing on this show that doesn’t break your heart, I suppose(maybe that’s why we don’t seem to be getting Philinda, because they’ve had all that onscreen already).  Although if Mack really is killed off, I suspect Fitzsimmons will reconcile at least somewhat.

Except that with each passing episode, I find that, like Chloe, I’m starting to find the idea of Skyeward less and less appealing.  Especially since at the end of this week’s episode, I think Ward may have finally undisputedly shown his true colors, kidnapping Skye to force her into a reunion she’s unlikely to have any interest in anymore, and trying to claim he’s fulfilling a promise that really didn’t need to be fulfilled at all anymore.  One wonders if he’s delusional enough to think that’s what she actually wants, or if he really is just enjoying the power over her.  There’s a chance, I suppose, that he was worried he might not be able to keep Hydra from blowing up the ship and was just trying to keep her safe from that, but the preview scene we got yesterday is not encouraging towards that idea.

Poor Skye.  She’s now got two violent madmen professing to care for her, and neither behaving much like it.  Oh, and someone needs to tell her father her real name is Skye.  It’s the name she chose for herself, and that ought to be respected.  (Plus if she really is this Daisy Johnson character people are talking about, I doubt she’ll care for that name much!)


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