Antoine Triplett, ?-2014

(Seriously, I couldn’t even find BJ Britt’s age, let alone his character’s. How little we knew ye.)

I may or may not blog some other thoughts on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the mid-season break at some point. But today, like everyone else, I’m still too busy mourning for a character I wish so badly they hadn’t killed off.

I also read today that they’re claiming they actually originally planned to kill him in the first season, and if that’s true, perhaps we need not be so angry. After all, not only did they in that case keep him longer than they intended to, but they certainly gave him a heroic end. But still, you wish they could’ve kept him longer still.
(I am also still clinging to the faint hope that the Age of Ultron thing wasn’t a false report and that the plot somehow involves him getting resurrected. The TV show characters don’t even necessarily have to know…)

ETA: Can’t figure out how to embed the video. Dammit.


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