Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mid-season thoughts: Phil Coulson & Melinda May

Once again I have Lots of Thoughts, though not quite as many about everybody as I did last summer, so I’m doing everyone in pairs this time.

So far this show has still been more Coulson’s story than anything else.  The first season was how he came back from the dead and became director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and this first half of the second season is how he coped with both.  But now it seems his resurrection complications are more or less resolved, and I suspect his main story for the rest of this season will be dealing everything that happened along the way.

Especially since there may be some pretty bad disharmony in the group.  First off there’s Mack(who I am assuming is going to recover) and Bobbi already plotting something together, and given the comments the former has made there’s a good possibility it involves some defiance or at least circumvention of Coulson.  Also, people are going to be afraid of Skye, and I’m pretty sure there will people who will want her gone. Coulson will, I am sure, insist on keeping her, and things could get ugly. And that’s if Ward doesn’t return Agent 33 to S.H.I.E.L.D. as another one of his gifts. I suspect he may do that, sooner or later, and is everyone just going to pardon her on account of the brainwashing? I fear they may not, especially if she isn’t able to be reversed back to her old self. Dealing with Hydra and General Talbot and mysterious cities is one thing, but this may be the true test of Coulson’s leadership abilities.

In such a story, May would be very important too. She’s the person whose loyalty to Coulson is likely to be unbreakable, and she’s probably developed her own particular protectiveness of Skye now, though if she can drive her harder into better controlling her new powers, I have no doubt she will do it. But it does seem that she’s getting her own story too coming up, with both her ex-husband scheduled to show, and the producers also saying we’re going to find out what happened in Bahrain. Which should be nice, since most of her time during the first half of the season was spent either being part of Coulson’s story or just straightforward kicking ass, and while the latter may be great, it doesn’t really develop character much. Though if there’s a mutiny within the ranks, it’ll be interesting to see if she wins her ex over to Coulson’s side, or is pitted against him.

Also, while it seems he didn’t have to go into stasis after all, I’m still hoping for her to have at least a short stint in running everything. That would be a story for her indeed.


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