Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mid-Season Thoughts: Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, & Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie

After some debate with myself, I’ve decided to do three more of these blogs, and do two featuring three characters(though for the other one two of them will be the Koenigs). I feel these three really should be done together, as now the stories of all three are heavily dependent on what happens with the other two.

For starters, much will depend on what state Mack ends up in.  It seems he’s not going to get killed off after all, but he may or may not be broken of his weird mind control, and even if he is free from it, it doesn’t necessarily follow he’ll be back to what he was.  He might even end up like Agent 33, completely lost, or he may struggle with more mundane trauma from having his mind taken over and being forced to nearly kill his colleagues, and Marvel Movieverse characters don’t necessarily bounce back from mind control either; observe Erik Selvig.   After he’s spent half a season aiding Fitz and helping him overcome his struggles, will he now need Fitz to return the favor?  I admit I’d really love that; as a psychiatricly disabled person myself, I’ve been kind of attached to Fitz’s arc of overcoming it.  Becoming strong enough to help others who were struggling as he once was?  Would make the story even better.

Meanwhile, the state he’s in will probably be a huge factor in what happens with Fitz and Simmons now.  We started to see little glimmers of hope when he was out for the count, of the two of them connecting again, but if Mack comes back as he was, Fitz might hide behind him again.  If he doesn’t, on the other hand, that might be an opportunity for them to build on what they’ve managed so far.  Also, it seems they really need to talk about Fitz’s declaration of love, because we’ve seen a huge misunderstanding highlighted.  It might be painful, especially if she doesn’t return his feelings, but if she’s not even certain of that yet, and she  didn’t leave because of it(and the way she described it to Bobbi it definitely sounds like she didn’t), he needs to know that.  He’s angry at her for something she didn’t do, and learning she didn’t do it might really give them a chance to start rebuilding.

Also, wouldn’t mind if maybe at the end of it she did come to love him after all.  But the worst part of their story right now is them running away from each other; the real heartbreak would be if that wasn’t stopped.  Just get them reconciled and the rest is just gravy.

But maybe the real crux of Fitz and Mack’s story, and by extension Fitz and Simmons’ story, might turn on whatever he and Bobbi are planning.  If the philosophy he expressed on the polygraph chair is any indication, Fitz is *not* going to be happy if Mack is plotting against Coulson.  It could even cause a serious breach between them.  He might even turn back to Simmons as someone more into sticking with the other good guys.

Another thing I wouldn’t mind is if Simmons got another arc of her own.  Sure, it was great to see her infiltrate Hydra for a few episodes, but that ended after only a handful of episodes, and since then most of her story has been attached to Fitz again.  Maybe something involving Skye’s new powers, or learning about Inhumans in general; that would be her field of research, after all.  As I said in Skye’s post, I could see them getting more close, especially if Fitz continues to keep his distance from her.  Which would be a good thing; female friendships on TV always are.  Or maybe a little more attention paid to how her time at Hydra has no doubt changed her would be good to see.


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