Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mid-Season Thoughts: Raina & the Koenigs

And the last post ends up being about these characters, who sort of defaulted to each other after everybody else got paired up.  Though also, the same main question can be asked about both entities: what are they?

Although we do pretty much know what Raina is, since there’s really no doubt anymore she and Skye are Inhumans, even if the word hasn’t been used yet(they’ve got until 2018).  But happened to her in the cocoon?  So far we’ve only got a feline eye.    Is she going to be another character from the comics, or original?  I’ve heard a suggestion for a character called Tigra, who is not Inhuman in the comics, but reading her story on Wikipedia and about the Cat People, I could see it being incorporated into an Inhuman storyline and the Cat People made into a subdivision of Inhumans.  Tigra is also a good guy, so you would think if that’s Raina’s fate, she might eventually end up sided with our heroes.  I hope it doesn’t happened yet, though.  Not only does she not deserve their forgiveness that quickly(honestly, it’s a little annoying S.H.I.E.L.D. seemed willing to take her on while still condemning Ward.  Even if she’s done less than him directly, she’s arguably been an accessory to more), but she’s much more fun when she’s up to no good.  But perhaps she will become an unreliable occasional ally.  She’s been heading potentially in that direction anyway.

As for the Koenigs, who knows?  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were telling the truth when about there being 13 of them(though is that 13 living, or 13 including Eric?), though I definitely wouldn’t assume batteries are involved.  Although perhaps the producers are trolling us, and it’ll turn out the three we’ve seen so far are just identical triplets, and the other Koenigs won’t be clones.  But I suspect they’ve got something planned, either some plotline including either clones or robots(although it wouldn’t be right to do such a storyline without Tony Stark…).  I have a vision of all of them showing up on Hydra’s doorstep and causing all the bad guys to freak out, all the while being their mostly cheerful unflappable selves.  Really, let’s just hope we see more of Sam and Billy.  The Koenigs have been terribly underused recently, and if the Huntingbird storyline takes an angsty turn, they may be the main source of comic relief we have left.

And in more mundane questions, where did Billy go off to anyway, if he didn’t have any batteries needing recharging?  Are we going to find out when the show returns?  And where are all these Koenigs stationed at anyway?  We’ve seen some remote S.H.I.E.L.D. outposts in Europe and such, but they seem to be only at the bigger secret bases.  Are we going to have to retreat to one of those at some point?  Maybe the one Sam came from?  Although he went back to the Playground.  Maybe Billy went to his previous base, and they switch posts sometimes when they get bored?

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