Thoughts on

Sailor Moon Crystal: Enjoyed the early parts of this first story arc the best, where the girls were just getting to know each other and Usagi was so ridiculously a teenager it was adorable.  That seems to be what Sailor Moon does best anyway.

Australian Open: Not happy about Roger & Andy being the same quarter, or Roger & Rafa being in the same half, and feel sorry for Sloane; she really did not need to draw the short Belarussian straw right now.  Also for Jerzy Janowicz drawing del Potro.

Oscar nominations: Mostly furious, though at least the sound and music branches got things a little more right.  May watch the ceremony up until their trophies are handed out(expect the winners there will probably make me mad too).

Carolina Kostner: Mostly relieved the ban wasn’t backdated, which basically means she’s retiring(though that she wants to appeal it makes me think maybe she really did want to come back next season).

Next two weeks: Way too much to watch!  Though at least Europeans and U.S. Nationals aren’t the same week this year!



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