Calling It Now

Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron are going to win Olympic Gold in 2018.  Barring career-derailing injury, etc.

It’s too early to tell for the other three disciplines, but not for ice dance, not when they’ve been advancing at the pace they’ve been.  Combine how good they are already with the struggles of the Russians and the knowledge that this North American winning streak cannot go on forever, and it’s pretty durn obvious.  Hell, with them already being the biggest threat to Weaver & Pojé at Worlds this year I wouldn’t be shocked if they won in March, though I think it more likely that’ll take a little longer; perhaps I’ll have the privilege of being in the stands for their first title in Boston.

Speaking of 2018, while it’s too early to have any real idea who’ll win otherwise, it’s interesting to see which obscure European and/or obscure 4CC skaters will make it there, and there were quite a few strong candidates today in the ladies.  *Really* impressed especially with Angelina Kuchvalska, and when she’s only just turned 16, she could conceivably do very well for herself, if she continues to grow.


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