Been Having a Rough Pair of Weeks

It seems this past week and a half every aggravation that could happen has.  Mostly little ones, like the bus arriving ten minutes late today when it’s freezing out, but they add up.  Adding to the stress of a big life decision I am now facing down, though it’s going to take me a long while yet to make it, and yeah, I’m seriously considering watching a celebrity wedding tonight(Lance Bass’, of course, I’ve had a soft spot for him since DWTS) just to cheer up.  Or maybe rewatching a few vids.  Like all the women of Marval/SHIELD ones I’ve seen about:

I’d like to make one of my own, but I’d need to get my hands on a lot more footage than I have available. Definitely looking forward to all the new ones too, which Agent Carter will no doubt contribute greatly to.

Or maybe this Neville one?


One thought on “Been Having a Rough Pair of Weeks

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