Great Men’s Competition!

I must admit, it may not be the most decorous thing ever, and it may require me to rewrite the novel I’ve been trying to get published, but I’m really liking this new wait and smile area.  It gives us moments like Joshua Farris’ bowing down to Denis Ten, and skaters being cute with each other.  For the entertainment value alone I think it’s a safe bet the ISU’s keeping it.

And what a skate that was from Ten.  The rest of the top five too.  Though one has to feel sorry for the two Japanese guys involved, between Murakami giving his best and it simply not being enough, and poor Uno losing a medal to a fall and seemingly being unable to forgive himself for it.  Especially good to see Farris pull up after yesterday’s events gave us reason to worry for the world team.  I am still not easy about Adam, but at least Brown did far better today.

Amused too, by Denis Ten doing his level best to charm Korea silly in the victory interview.  And if you think about it, come 2018, Korea’s unlikely to have any horses in the Olympic medal races, unless one of their ladies *really* takes a leap up, and if they want a home skater substitute to cheer for, Ten’s the only ethnically Korean skater in the top tiers, has a Korean fanbase already, and after this will almost certainly have a bigger one.  He lasts until 2022 and he might just have the Olympic crowd favoring him at two Games’ at a row!

Kind of sad the pairs competition didn’t go as well(and the Duhamel & Radford bashing got so bad on my Twitter timeline I even broke out the unfollow at one point!).  Also worried for Pang & Tong.  Nice as it is to see them win a medal, you wonder what the Chinese federation might force them to do as a result.


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