Actually missed the final group of the ladies

Icenetwork shorted out and wouldn’t reload, and it was too late at night to fight with it when I was struggling with the same problem that disrupted Liza T’s crazy run at the Bavarian Open this weekend(poor girl, but her pulling out was very understandable.  Mishin actually talking about it may be unexpected, but he probably doesn’t want anyone to think she’s going to have any problems at Worlds).  But looks like I didn’t miss that much, looking at the scores..  Except maybe Polina’s true coming out party, though you might say she only won because the better girls blew it.  But it still counts, it’s still an ISU championship title, and you can bet the USFSA and NBC will never give up on her now.  And honestly?  Even under the circumstances, I would say she still has proved herself, and not even for the first time anymore.  Maybe she’s a little arrogant, thinking she can take on the likes of Elena R and Liza T just yet, but if she keeps going, by 2018, who knows?

Who knows about Gracie either anymore.  This was her last competition before Worlds, and she still has not had a good one.  She might be able to turn it around and suddenly deliver in Shanghai, but after tonight?  It looks like the skater with the most chance of disrupting a Russian sweep is Ashley, especially given she’s the only one so far who’s already disrupted one(I thought at the time Gracie would’ve done it had she skated at the GPF, but can’t be sure of that anymore)

Oh, and can Kailani Crane go to Worlds?


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