Fun as the idea is that Antoine Triplett’s grandmother was Peggy Carter, then why was Eric Keonig saying to him on the polygraph chair “If I was the grandson of a Howling Commando,” and not, “If I was the grandson of Peggy Carter”?  Because to Keonig?  She would probably be considered the more important of the two grandparents.

It’s bad enough that Brett Dalton(who always defends his character anyway) is the only one involved with the show who’s willing to acknowledge it, but why is it that, with the exception of the season 1 recapper and some readers of the Mary Sue, whom one would expect to acknowledge this, among the fans only Ward’s staunchest defenders are willing to acknowledge he was raped in “Yes Men”?  And yes, he was, he was incapable of giving consent.  Though I could buy the character himself not realizing it, but even those who view him as completely evil ought to know better.

So is the episode title “Aftershocks” or “Epidemic”?  Are they only going to decide at the last minute(that can be done; I remember one episode of Star Trek: Voyager had its title changed at the super last minute)?

Do we really have to have characters going by the monikers of The Baroness, The Banker, and The Sheikh?  I have an awful feeling that’s not going to end well.

Why does the S.H.I.E.L.D. app crash when I try to get a better look at the new promo images?!


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