I might not make things involuntarily shake

But as someone with anxiety issues, to the point I’ve been medicated for them in the past? This clip hit home:

Her “please” is especially heartbreaking. It’s clear she feels she doesn’t really have a right to ask them to stop, except she needs them to. It also gives that “something very wrong with me” clip we’ve seen a thousand times a new level; you don’t have to make things shake to feel that way about yourself either; anyone who has upset responses to things where they don’t understand why they’re responding that way has thought those exact same words.
The Marvel movieverse may continue to have its race issues, especially with Mack’s future getting more dubious by the minute here. But the TV side of it, between Fitz and Daniel Sousa, has been very good on disability, and if they do this thing right with Skye, at least during these next few episodes before she presumably gains more control, they might be getting even better.


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